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About Us

Hungary's most trusted name in real estate

Professional real estate investors are becoming increasingly knowledgeable and experienced. They also enjoy a growing influence on the Hungarian property market. With this in mind, selling and handling property demands a more sophisticated market strategy. In addition to offering end-to-end services for the residential property market, Otthon Centrum offers large-scale developers in-depth market insight, proven marketing effectiveness and sophisticated sales services. We specialize primarily in brokering property, but also offer information and advice for all types of real estate investment. We can assist in the entire buying process, from identifying a site and conducting feasibility studies to establishing a marketing strategy and securing bank financing.

One of the secrets to our success in residential real estate is our profound knowledge of the Hungarian market. Our clients come to us for reliable information and a wide variety of services, whether they are buyers, sellers, developers or banks.

In 2006, Otthon Centrum was awarded "Best Hungarian Real Estate Agent" for the eighth time by the Hungarian Real Estate Association. Our nationwide franchise system of 100 offices and nearly 600 agents brokered property deals worth more than Ft 100 billion (€400 million), making Otthon Centrum Hungary's largest real estate agent.

Otthon Centrum Downtown

Otthon Centrum's most successful franchise partner is Sallai & Csuhay Kft. The company collected the "Franchise Partner of the Year" award in 2004 and 2006.

Sallai & Csuhay - Real Estate Broker

Our offices in downtown Budapest won the "Franchise Partner of the Year" award for the second time in 2006 after also picking up the same prize in 2004. Our expanding network now comprises seven offices and more than 50 property experts. In 2006, we sold nearly 400 properties with a total value of more than Ft 8 billion and brokered Ft 1 billion in credit on behalf of our clients, making us Otthon Centrum's most successful team. Our brokerage services are also accompanied by a full range of marketing services. Our highly professional property marketing department meets the highest standards for service and quality. Our work in this field has built a reputation as creative, reliable and straightforward. Our experts create marketing materials for each project not only to represent a clear and effective strategy, but also to maximize impact and sales revenue.

When promoting new developments, we manage and coordinate marketing activities with a consistent focus on the demands of the developer or investor, fulfilling their targets through creative thinking and strategic planning. We take responsibility for helping our clients reach attainable goals, in terms of both sales volume and brand awareness, among many other factors.

As part of an exclusive marketing campaign for a development project, Otthon Centrum - Sallai&Csuhay undertakes the following:

  • The property is advertised prominently in the Otthon Centrum print catalogue.
  • A dedicated agent is assigned to the project to maintain contact and manage the flow of information, between the client side and our office, as well as with other Otthon Centrum franchise partner offices.
  • A PVC banner is positioned at the development site. This boosts the sales process considerably.
  • We provide a full range of tailored loan administration services to buyers free of charge.
  • The project is profiled in detail on our website:http://downtown.oc.hu
  • We also advertise the development among our clients - creating a list of potential customers at the project launch.
  • All potential buyers are provided with information about the property in Otthon Centrum offices throughout Hungary.
  • The entire Otthon Centrum network is involved in the sales process.
  • The project is advertised at all franchise offices.
  • Franchise partners are informed of developments on a daily basis and data is updated continuously.
  • If required, we can also offer professional advice on the demands of the market, the combination of apartment types, pricing, and the level of technical quality.

Our Services

Otthon Centrum Downtown provides a comprehensive range of services for clients buying and selling residential real estate. We currently operate seven offices and a team of highly experienced consultants to help our customers find the property of their dreams in the downtown area and beyond. Otthon Centrum can also sell your property quickly and conveniently - we now have over 16,000 registered customers in our real estate database.

International Sales Division
Our International Sales Division was established to provide additional assistance to our foreign clients. In addition to helping them identify the right property, we also handle the legal and administrative aspects of the purchase. Our highly qualified consultants at our offices at 10.Liszt Ferenc tér (District VI), 12 Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út and 26 Belgrád rakpart(District V) speak a variety of languages.

Transfer of Ownership
There's no need to stand in line, we can take care of the transferring of ownerships. Our newest service is to manage all possible bureaucratic processes associated with the purchase and sale of real estate, including annulation certification, acquisition of title deeds and transfer of public utilities, on your behalf, through a network of contracted partners.

Maintenance Services - OC-Gestor
Otthon Centrum-Gestor Ingatlankezelő Kft. (formerly Geston Kft.) has specialized in condominium and real estate maintenance and management since 1993. Today, the company oversees common administration and technical maintenance duties for approximately 3,200 apartments in 120 real estate blocks, from apartment blocks in the center of Budapest to newly built residential areas comprising hundreds of flats.

The company was rebranded Otthon Centrum-Gestor on February 1, 2004 and continues to focus on handling apartment blocks in the downtown area, managing common administration and cleaning, as well as professional technical maintenance of residential area investments.

On the basis of many years of satisfaction among home owners and real estate professionals, Otthon Centrum-Gestor received "2003 Real Estate Facility Management Company of the Year" from the Hungarian Real Estate Federation.

Otthon Centrum-Gestor designed its package of services for real estate developers to support both property investment and effective sales, and to help the developer to close the project quickly, and without delay.

Cs Invest
Cs Invest manages a wide range of renovation projects and has been specializing in complete reconstrucion and alteration of apartment interiors for more than ten years. In addition, our specialist team has been involved in renovation of entire residential blocks, as well as complete residential area development projects.

Legal paperwork
With the help of a partner with vast experience in property sales, we can offer a full range of legal services.

    For investors:
  • condominium foundation charters
  • legal administration of prime contractor
    For private individuals:
  • land registry administration
  • comprehensive legal services
    For non-Hungarians:
  • official paperwork
  • end-to-end legal administration

Otthon Centrum