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Downtown Loan Center

Downtown Loan Center offers the following services to companies and private individuals:

1. Corporate finance

(Securing investment capital for projects - project financing)
We can offer credit and investment funding for the majority of real estate projects. Our sources of credit afford a flexible approach in situations when the term, interest rate or scope of the financing are critical. We have brokering agreements with all of Hungary's major commercial banks involved in the project financing market. In some cases, as much as 75% of the total project cost can be provided as a loan.

2. Buyer financing

Today, almost 90% of buyers finance their real estate purchases with mortgages. We established the Otthon Centrum Loan Center in 2000 to fulfill the needs of this segment of the market. Our company acts as a broker between buyers and banks and one of its most important tasks is to prepare all the necessary documentation and provide advice to customers applying for various types of loans. Developers and investors need to sign financing contracts with several banks to be able to offer smooth financing solutions for their potential customers. The Otthon Centrum Loan Center sells mortgages with almost all of the properties it sells, and this service is offered free of charge to buyers. Since 2000, the Loan Center has grown into one of the leading mortgage brokers on the market. Our project financing division charges our partner institutes a commission on development credit.

Why choose the Downtown Loan Center?

Comprehensive loan advice

  • Complementary loan administration, loan advice
  • Dozens of banks at a central location - aggregated credit offering - our partners include Hungary's leading financial institutions
  • Exclusive customer service: Personal consultation by appointment, no waiting
  • Quick and accurate information on ideal loan structure
  • Selection of tailored financial solutions
  • Seven locations in Budapest
  • Concurrent administration of loans from multiple banks
  • Loan administration for non-Hungarian citizens
  • On-site consulting for preferential projects
  • Loans combined with property and life assurance

Accessible financing solution for all customers

  • Tailored loans for new and second-hand properties
  • Loans for construction, enlargement and renovation
  • Unrestricted loans
  • Personal loans without property mortgage
  • HUF, CHF and EUR-based loans
  • Nest building program (Hungarian government incentive) - even from statutory minimum wage
  • Loans combined with housing savings - as much as 20% lower repayments
  • Mortgage-based loans without proof of income
  • Loans for public and civil servants
  • Credit for individuals with poor credit ratings
  • Mortgage redemption
  • Restructuring of debt
  • Apartment leasing
  • Personal loans
  • Automotive loans

We offer more than banking products, we deliver solutions!

The Loan Center's key task is to broker credit for construction, property improvement, enlargement, and refurbishment, and for the purchase of new or second-hand properties. Our primary goal is to offer made-to-measure constructions to help our customers reduce their costs. The spectrum of products available has increased enormously in just the last year, bringing new opportunities to apply for personal loans, vehicle financing and property leasing solutions.

By managing your loans, we take responsibility for:

  • Identifying the optimal credit options through personal consultation
  • Checking preliminary credit ratings of customers in compliance with official banking requirements
  • Assistance in compiling necessary documentation
  • Creation of entire loan application documentation and forwarding to our partner bank for approval
  • Providing regular updates from submission of the application documentation to transfer of loan
  • Administraion of insurance policies required by you or your bank (term life assurance, property insurance, third-party and fully comprehensive vehicle insurance)

The brokered volume of loans has more than doubled in both 2005 and 2006.

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